Keeping Consumers Healthy

I own a cleaning company and was recently offered a good bit of money to clean the hoods at a restaurant in Brooklyn, New York.  Let me tell you, restaurant hood cleaning is hard work. First off, greasy hoods are a fire hazard, so you have to keep them very clean.  Second, hood exhaust vents hang above commercial ranges that trap heat, smoke, grease, and smells.  Then there are basic parts of the restaurant hood system that all have to be cleaned, like filters, fans, grease traps, and ductwork.  If you have a busy restaurant, you’ll need to clean your hood regularly. NYC residents can visit to find a hood cleaner in Brooklyn County. I was not sanitizing those vents along. If you try the DIY route, I’ll give you some tips. Before you get started, turn off all the ranges and valves.  Unplug everything too. Cover around the area with plastic sheeting, especially on the floor.  To do the cleaning, you will need a degreaser concentrate and non-abrasive scrubbing pads. You’ll also need gloves and a bucket. Start with the filter.  Fill a sink with water and then the degreaser. Let the filters soak and then thoroughly clean them.  Next, clean the grease out of the trap and then clean it with degreaser and rinse it well.  The fan is next.  It too can be removed to be cleaned.  You’ll use the bucket to mix up a degreasing solution to clean the ducts.  Then dump the bucket of de-greaser and water mixture, rinse the bucket, and use a rag to rinse the ducts.  Now it’s time to reassemble the hood.  If you dislike the task as much as I did, my advice is to call a professional next time. Sometimes it’s best to do what you do best and let others, like a pro cleaning service, do what they do best.  I clean houses and businesses but cleaning hoods is just not my area of specialty.